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Magical Peru: Journey to the Sacred Valley

Magical Peru: Journey to the Sacred Valley

Prepare to be pampered and immerse yourself in this ancient civilization's way of life...

This is an amazing journey; one that combines exploration of an ancient culture and shamanic traditionThe Incas had a deep reverence for Pachamama, mother earth, and possessed and utilized their connection to this spirit in order to develop a deeper experience of themselves.  On this journey we will connect with Pachamama by visiting ancient ruins, participating in native shamanic ceremonies held sacred by the people of this land and attuning ourselves with the aid of our guide and shaman to the enigmatic energy and mystery of the Sacred Valley.

Your host and guide is Dr. Ruben Orellana, a Peruvian-born shaman with more than 30 years of experience working with Andean culture. During your travels you will visit lands of mystery, with historical and spiritual significance and incredible beauty, including a unique exploration to Machu Picchu.

Reconnect with nature in a stunning environment and experience an ancient culture come alive.  Peru's rich culture and warm people are the perfect place to restore balance and create peace in your life. If you have always wanted to visit Machu Picchu, then don't miss out on this trip of a lifetime!

Tara and Ruben have been working together for more than 12 years.

*Contact me to put together a group of your own.


Dr. Rubén Orellana is a Peruvian-born and trained shaman who has made significant anthropological and archaeological contributions to the study and understanding of the Andean way of living. Dr. Orellana is an external consultant to the National Institute of Culture in Cusco, Peru and Director of ‘Andean Shamanic Journeys’. Born in Cusco, Rubén has been following the shamanic path since the age of nine. Dr. Orellana’s career as an archaeologist culminated with being named the Head of Archaeology at Machu Picchu, where he discovered 44 new sites surrounding the Crystal City including the North Inca Trail.  He has done extensive research into the mystical aspects of many significant sites and uncovered the true usage of many temples in the empire. He continues to combine his experience with his excitement for his work and his deep love for all people into a vision of subtlety and divine power.

2010 Group at Machu Picchu
Resident at Machu Picchu
Traveling to Peru with Tara was a life changing event. I was able to successfully climb the mountain, both literally and figuratively. Todd Peterson, 2010 
This was a trip of a lifetime.  I felt pampered in a spiritual, loving, nurturing environment. Ruben is a fine host, healer and travel guide.  Tara is a wonderful Yoga Instructor, with a loving presence."  Sharon Shoilly Vero Beach, Florida

Cozy accommadations, private hot tub, delicious, fresh regional cruisine, day journeys to treasured Peruvian Temples and sacred sites, a train ride into the rain forest; destination......astonishing Machu Picchu!  Tara created a glorious daily adventure, brilliantly
integrating the opening of our seven chakras with yoga. Ruben, in tandem, revealed secrets of the Incan Civiliation with archectucally historical accuracy. Truely, for me, the perfect Peruvian Journey! - Cynci Cutter, Vero Beach, Florida

This retreat inspired me in many ways especially the beauty of the Peruvian people as well as the landscape. The Incas left behind a rich and remarkable hisory that continues to astonish all those who visit the Sacred Valley. Tara's excellent organization and the added bonus of yoga practice made the experience absoutely perfect for me!"  Barbara Brooks, Vero Beach, FL

From the moment we landed at the airport in Lima, I knew we were embarking on an amazing adventure!  Each day was filled with endless discoveries, from learning about Peru's rich culture while visiting a myriad of archeological sites, practicing yoga with breathtaking views of the mountain range, to tasting the delicious homemade cuisine at Kamaquen and delightful restaurants.  With Tara and Ruben as our guides, we experienced the wonders of this ancient and mysterious world.  -Mirja Heide Vero Beach, FL

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