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Inner Good Yoga and Life Coaching
 Mission Statement 

"I am devoted to living a holistic life by balancing personal growth, spiritual wisdom and social action in a fun-loving and positive manner.  I am committed to helping people expand their creativity, discover their hidden passions and achieve their heartfelt dreams.  As a life coach and yoga teacher and practitioner, I am inspiring people to create a life that they truly desire."  Tara Crete, CYT, CPC

 I practiced yoga with Tara for two years and I learned a lot and recieved so much encouragement so that I could practice at home in order to be stronger and better in class. Unfortunately Tara moved and I miss her very much.  Best of luck with your new yoga fans!  Monika M.

Tara is such a motivating yoga instructor, she is able to get the most out of each student with her gentle coaching and motivating way.  She always made you feel that you were doing all the poses correctly and would come around to gently correct you if you were not doing it perfectly.  Her positive attitude about yoga spilled over into life.  Evy L. Vero Beach, Fl

Tara teaches with an awareness of each person's physical ability. But even better than that, she seems to be aware of your desire to either push yourself on a particular day or not. It is a great gift she gives to her classes--her awareness of your own feelings. JHP 



Tara Crete is an experienced and certified Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing yoga for more than 18 years and has been sharing her love of yoga through teaching for more than 12 years. Tara has been certified in yoga through the Ashtanga Yoga Academy in Cairns, Australia, where she studied for two months with Senior Iyengar and Third Level Ashtanga teacher Nicky Knoff.  Tara enjoys teaching power or dynamic flow yoga, where she always encourages her students to 'work the edge'..."where all the magic can happen". She is deeply inspired by the changes that yoga has given her through the years and is honored to guide her students through yoga practice. 



 Meet Tara 

 Hello there,

I am Tara Crete, I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and Professional Certified Life Coach, amongst other things.  I have been coaching people since the mid 90"s and then I realized that I could become certified and actually do this for a living. I have had the honor of working with people worldwide who have felt that there was much more to life than what they were presently experiencing.  By working with me as their coach, they manifested their goals and dreams much more quickly than they ever would have done on their own.

In my life coaching practice I offer integrity, insight and intuition, deep listening, tremendous support and accountability, a positive attitude and compassion and a non-judgmental point of view to just name a few things. In the past I have been a direct sales representative working with a large company for more than 11 years.  For nine of those years I was a motivational speaker and Dealer Power Specialist.  I am a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher and a world traveler and have lived in various different cultures. I have been a skydiving coach, an entrepreneur and a dedicated health and fitness nut.  But my crowning achievement is that I am an ongoing student of the school of life and its self-improvement curriculum!

I have lived in high rise apartments with beautiful surroundings, and I have lived in a tent (much to my mother's dismay!).  After having acquired all of the material things that I was 'supposed' to acquire in my 20's, the nice condo, a boat, luxury car, etc. I noticed that it felt like there was something missing.  I had done everything right according to society's standards, but I just wasn't satisfied. There began the yard sale on my life!  I started selling all of my material possessions including expensive artwork and marble tables.  I traded in my car for an '88 Jeep Cherokee. My family all thought I was crazy.  But I was embarking on a 15 year sojourn that has brought me right to this page.

My life's search for meaning has allowed me to understand how people think, what makes them tick, why they don't do what makes them happy, and why they stay with situations that are not fulfilling.  I have been one of those people and I did something about it, which has awarded me a world of wisdom.  Now I am privileged to work with entrepreneurs, direct sales people, CEO's, managers and housewives alike, all on their unique path to self-discovery. 

I truly believe that you are a genius and my coaching is designed to bring out that innate intelligence inside of each and every person.  I do not use a timer during my sessions, most sessions are about 40 minutes long or when we have finished the process.

I would love to meet with you, so please feel free to contact me for a complimentary talk.  We will spend 30 minutes talking about you and what excites and inspires you.  Thirty minutes well spent!  I look forward to it.


Life Coaching

Tara Crete has been certified as a Professional Life Coach through the IPEC School of Coaching in Manalapan NJ since 2004. She believes that everyone has an undiscovered part of themselves that, when discovered, will allow them to experience power in the truest sense of the word. It is her commitment to this discovery in everyone that keeps her motivated and excited to work with her clients.  Her unique style of intuitive coaching and deep listening skills inspires her clients to take the steps needed to live a life filled with success, happiness and abundance.

Tara's adventurous spirit and unceasing curiosity for the esoteric and mysterious aspects of human nature lead her to live in the jungle of Peru with the Shipibo Indian tribe and high atop the Andes where she had the honor of exploring the depths of her own Sacred Valley with indigenous shaman, who, in their own right are masters of their trade.


In 2005, Tara attended  the Millionaire Mind Intensive and went on to become certified as a trainer in Train The Trainer with T. Harv Eker.  

Tara has been a skydiver since 1994 and has coached people in freefall at 14,000 feet.  She is a member of the United States Parachute Association and has over 1600 jumps. Her other activities include horseback riding, yoga, waterskiing, volleyball, softball, running, kayaking and 'being'.

Tara continues her coaching practice via telephone conferences with clients worldwide and is available for workshops and speaking engagements. She lives in the DC area with her two cats, Raja and Shanti. 

"The spiritual and mental transformation that I underwent in Peru has allowed me to be the woman that I am today.  Working with these amazing shaman brought me to a level of understanding within myself that I could only achieve by going inward.  Some people choose therapy to transform and heal their past, I chose to live in Peru!" Tara

Do the practice and success will come...K. Patabi Jois


I came to yoga with Tara expecting to feel better physically.  Little did I know the mental metamorphism that I would experience.  She brought a whole new awareness to the yoga experience for me, not only the physical, but the spiritual.  Before I met Tara I took classes, when she became my teacher, I became a yoga practitioner.  Even though she no longer teaches here in Florida, I hear her instruction every day in my own practice without her.  Thank you, Tara! Donna Alderman, Executive Assistant, Vero Beach, FL 




Tara, your yoga expertise and the wonderful setting of tranquility that you are able to manifest during your classes left me feeling energized.  You have a very gentle but demanding style that left me feeling relaxed and exhausted, simutaneously!  I always had such beautiful savasanas in your presence.  Dawn Bray, Florida


Tara Crete is a personal and professional Life and Success Coach and is founder of InnerGood Coaching, LLC.  Tara is a Certified Professional Life Coach through iPEC school of coaching and has a world-wide client base.  

Do the practice and success will come...K. Patabi Jois

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